reality checking

challenge are great.   i’m pretty lazy and am generally unqualmed by things but lately I’ve realised that I get strange pleasure out of comfortably dealing with things that should probably make me anxious, i’m not devoid of anxious emotions but the challenge of being casj amongst said tears is what i’m talking about specifically..  I’m going overseas tomorrow and i’m ill prepared as usual, except this time there are more spanners in my generally clunky works as yesterday my car took its final drive, i’ve lost my visa card, can’t buy a visa or my connecting flights from LA-VAN…   I get back from this trip and will be moving house in the proceeding days, for which i’ve not packed/rallied my possessions apart from clothing, also my broken car’s boot is full of skate equipment that i have to deal with before my car gets towed. shiet.    Right now i should be starting to pack or clean my room or do anything mildly productive but procrastination transcends all facets of life.

Canada/USA will be sweet though, classic case of sending myself away in order to bring myself back, and when I get back i’ll just buy a motorbike and be sorted until the next trip whereby i lose and forget other important things.   The biggest problem is that I have to pack for Vancouver and LA, with respective temps of 5-10º and 22-29º and i’m bad at packing at the best of the time, usually because i refuse to pack anything and end up wearing the same shirt and shorts for 3 weeks. 

unfortunately my heels still hurt, i went for a wheelyboard yesterday and it’s tricky, but this trip is for catalogue production so i’ll happily busy myself with photos.

i must stop doing useless shit and pack/organise an emergency visa/get my car towed/move house







once i learnt something valuable, and it’s that trying to forget requires recollection which reinforces the need to remember aka no forgetting.. so if i apply this idea to important things like my passport then i will never lose it!  (although trying to forget my passport seems pretty reckless)




unlike me, this dude (mark linkous) had real problems and shot himself in the heart at 47


the kneepoch

it’s been precisely 10,996 hours since I first/finally accepted that i’d fkd up my knees as a result of riding my mind, body and soul

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passion of the crisis

mullet, many i thought literally signing off from the chaos epoch was going to bring a resounding level of calm to my non-literal (what occurs

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phones as cameras

I’m here with a specific purpose in mind: to log the adjustment in my perceptions of using phones for taking photos – don’t get me

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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

Taiwan Tour Video