humanity’s most ideal person

Judy Anderson – 6/3/1936 – 13/11/2013


Almost 2 weeks ago, while in Yosemite, I’d caught wind of food poisoning striking one of the ladies who i’ve worked/loved for the last 9 years, if you’ve ever been into Goodtime you’ll know who I am talking about, she’s the glowing ball of love and happiness that sat behind the counter.  Naturally I thought nothing of it, even though Judy was 77.  My ignorance to the seriousness of the situation was due to the her unusually impervious nature, it seemed no illness could beat her.  Earlier in the year her heart stopped for a while and she laughed it off.   Exactly a week ago I was lurking on big Dave’s floor, getting excited for a day of exploring and skating around San Francisco, checking in on the Goodtime Facebook .  Upon loading I was presented this photo that i took almost 3 years ago, out the back of the shop, and I immediately realised the tragedy.  Never before have I felt such extreme emotional change, instant tears and pain and all things yucky, I’d lost one of my all-time most favourite person.  Judy is in no small part, probably the majority part, responsible for who I am today.  We’ve been friends since i was 14 and not once did I see her present  negativity, her compassion and acceptance of all people was eternally shocking in this world of jerks and ill-content.  Her ability to recall peoples names who came into the shop a decade ago was but a tiny aspect of her mental clarity.  Her insight into youth made her the grandma I wish we could’ve all had, not once being concerned about my perpetual lateness, post-party inefficiency or the coincidental illness that struck me whenever the waves were good, a level of tact that is yet to be rivalled.   I would’ve loved to have been by her side in that last week but I know she was stoked as my awayness is a dream that she helped me find and grow into. Her funeral was yesterday and it was ideal, a packed cathedral of adoring friends who had been shocked by her outstanding human qualities from past and present.  A fittingly expansive send-off for a lady who was a minimalist in everything besides her heart and kindness.  Thankyou Jude, you’ve set me up for an eternity of stoke and contentedness and no poorly scripted rant will ever do you any justice.  


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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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