The Flood: Wednesday daytimes

I ended up shooting through the entirety of Tuesday night and proceeded to do so well into Wednesday. I’ve picked up from the last post at this point , not at 12am, because the day time is a whole different kettle of potatoes and should be treated as such so this post is going to contain my shots from the morning of the 12th, starting at 4:35am until around 5:30pm.

The next photo, that you see below, was taken 9 minutes after the bridge shot (above) but nine minutes was all it took for the sky to go from dawn purple to morning blue. For me, Wednesday was a day i’ll never forget for all the right reasons. I was gifted luck all day long and managed to maximise the smile count with great execution. The best part was heading down to pete’s office at the peak height of the whole affair and finding the waterline centimeters below the floorline, 1 1/2 meters below what it had been predicted to reach, smiles all round indeed. From that point on i commited to adventuring and good times!!

I snapped this one from the riverwalk at 4:35am and the water was wrapping around my legs quickly but it felt solid, unfortunately the vantage i took is now somewhere in the ocean.


same thing, different perspective.


this shot should’ve been better. i’m standing on a wall that borders and pool and the river.


same wall



I found this locale up a few streets from the two shots above and met some very cool people! We had a chat as we were made aware of the full scale of this situation by the rising sun. I snapped some shots there and had a little adventure around the block and didn’t really find much. I ended up pulling the pin shortly after a chat with my new pals.



Unfortunately my smiles we inverted when i dropped and broke an 85 1.8 🙁 at this point i was pretty close to dealing in bed but i decided to try the cliffs next to the story bridge, thankfully the lighting had some intrigue and the sky was blue, otherwise these photos would be overwhelmingly qualmed.

this sky was surely met with relief from the general crew.


that black thing was a boat i’m pretty sure



looking down Brunswick street from Merthyr road, Wednesday midday


emergency supplies


chasing smiles




I had a post feed nap and then headed out with the 1120mm for some telephoto hilarity!





the forground is what remains of Sydney Street station, in the background is the Mowbray Park Station.



I got sore arms pretty quick so i headed back home to equip myself with more suitable gear and headed out for a quick shoot around valley/newstead.


i found a cool house!










i’m ending this post here as what happened after this was something completely different.


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