alright sick, it’s confirmed, i don’t know what i want and i think knowing is quite dangerous.   upon obtaining what I perceived to be my ultimate dream life I realised that dreams are purely a guide to what is next and could be more accurately described as a disguised goal-due to it’s perceived unattainability.  i thought travelling the world skateboarding and taking pictures of it was the be all and end all but i’ve realised that it is not- it’s incredibly sick, but its not. i think i took a major life-shortcut in assuming that all greatness comes from doing what you want to do- im sure this [freedom] plays a huge role but i think i am realising that ‘doing’ is forgettable because ‘feeling’ is forever enduring…

i assume i’m similar to most of you in the sense that casting review upon ones self in years passed generally insights embarrassment [fashion] but this is acceptable because it’s relevant to time..  however, consider your past-personality and it generally insights emotions much more significant than embarrassment…  personality transcends eras and trends because it is the route of all things personal, not a guise- such as fashion, and everything you do and perceive is relevant to your person, not time.  

perhaps this is why i enjoy dressing ridiculously..  because concerns regarding self-consciousness last only the instant in-which they present themselves, but stoke, contentedness and having a good time will for as long as i can remember it…. i guess hence why people say being nice will get you far in life..

anyhow, enough wig- time for some reality.

Last august Landyachtz sent Guff, Kyle Martin and myself out to Montreal to chase some footage and photos for Kyle.  It was a tricky trip for a handful of reasons but for the sake of exampling i’ll highlight only the fact it rained 85% of the trip and with only one skater proactivity can be hindered by tiredness/injury etc-  i can’t be bothered writing anymore, photo time.


Guff in the cemetery. 


Kyle atop the ‘big bank’ in Montreal’s Olympic park


Kyle atop Hôtel-de-Ville 


Cemetery runs on the only sunny day






Montreal has the second largest underground pedestrian/train network in the world as in winter it regularly sits around -40ºc



it wasn’t all a waste



the kneepoch

it’s been precisely 10,996 hours since I first/finally accepted that i’d fkd up my knees as a result of riding my mind, body and soul

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passion of the crisis

mullet, many i thought literally signing off from the chaos epoch was going to bring a resounding level of calm to my non-literal (what occurs

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phones as cameras

I’m here with a specific purpose in mind: to log the adjustment in my perceptions of using phones for taking photos – don’t get me

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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

Taiwan Tour Video