past blasting

i found this in my drafts having written in whilst waiting to board my flight home to Brisbane from South Africa and i’ve found a bunch of photo with trees in them so you’ll see those too.


“airport lurks, they’re deep but generally cause minimal sweat, generally, but at other times do cause sweat and those times are because i’ve got no music or no flights.  Flying back from the Feb Los Angeles trip I lost my phone on the way to the airport..  a certified catastraophe in the realms of lamb because, as advanced as thumb-twiddling time-killing abilities may be, my methods demand music.  


I regularly find myself realising, often 4 hours into a flight whilst being consumed by the patchwork infront of me, that I have zoned out too furiously as a result of my well rehearsed post-take-off-pre-coast cognitive abyss (amidst the electronics embargo).  A mindfield broken only by the delivery of refreshments or resisting the urge to sleep, as refreshments are yet to arrive.    Movies on demand help but generally I don’t sleep before I fly international so that when i’m on the plane i enjoy a full nights sleep.. sometimes with great discomfort due to proportionality, but not often and is definitely not something to complain about… When i feel moderately qualmed i recall that these flight based tears are enabling what i love.


But back to the airport, and more specifically this rant, I feel that free and unlimited wifi should be a prerequisite for any transit terminal, let alone an airport.  I don’t know, maybe it’s my spoilt 1st world upbringing that feels deserving… 


 I’m currently in a pickle but had i been connected i would probably be lurking misc nonsense and not attacking my brains scripting centre in order to keep pushing buttons and typing misc nonsense..  But it’s good, i feel like producing misc nonsense is quite beneficial as it means my flight will miraculously take off sooner.    



Shiet, redressing the music topic is my current headphone situation.  I broke 2 sets this trip, vanning, and i had to buy some at the airport but they only sell those super violating in ear bud things, not the old ones that gently caress your ear’s first opening, but the kind that spend the first week expanding said opening with no regard for comfort, i guess so they can maximise flooding your earspace with mid-def auidables.   


however, i relax here, with music, from those headphones, because they’re better than no music and find myself busy enjoying sound.


alright, enough qualming, i legitimately have nothing to complain about.  Except that this trip is over.  I love south Africa, i love capetown and i love that my ausjaded opinions have undergone a complete overhaul as i can now smile while I hold their revised state close to my heart.  I guess it’s who you meet and i’ve been blessed to have company of only rad chillers and skaters, whom i share everything with (everything being stoke).


 I spent an extra week here, a week of relaxing and unwinding but also a time for GSD.  I felt it was a good idea to rid myself of south african photos before i get home, where the distractions are many- odd.  I didn’t expect that I would be completely content after a week of doing very little exploration even though i was residing in a place of immense beauty and endless activities, but I am.  


i must go,. “


this song is the most skipped on my itunes


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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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