much of my life is spent within cars in various manners of shape and intrigue, and it’s one of the funnest bits of my general.   Having the option of seeing the world at ultra rate is always ideal as the other option, lurking, is readily attainable at all points in time.  For taking photos it’s pretty epic as to execute a drive by shot you generally have to be in a car.. but you can take photos from planes if you’re down for the tears multiple layers of bendy windows and every photo kind of looking the same even though a plane’s window presents more diversity than any other medium of real world viewing, could be the inability to open the window.   Plus with cars you can stop basically anywhere!   Witnessing yates negotiate our full-blown RV into a small-car spot on Market street, in Melbourne’s CBD, extend the patio onto the footpath and begin offering pedestrians goon was something i’d not see from a plane, or a train.     


this is my car, in adventure mode – it’s proudest state.    A VW passat that as of late has begun the inevitable spiral into disrepair but it’s fine because i’m forced to get a new, more ideal car and i’ve had p-tron since shortly after I was licensed about 5 years ago.    It’s a 4wd in disguise. 


the trondola, previously owned by mitchtron6000, Subaru Liberty.   I did some time in this car, snow trips mostly as they take so very long and are so very far away..  An ideal tool for single leg drives that provides no sleep one way, due to excitement, and too much sleep on the other, due to the ultimate tears of leaving the snow.    it’s since been replaced by a VW Caddy, the greatest car in the world.  Diggins, Sep 2012.


Chad’s mums car, A Honda CRV which Gabe was intrigued by.  It’s not really a photo of the car but I was kind of over trawling for photos of cars…  Mount Keira, Apr 2012.


This hire car initiated my current must have a wagon mentality, Skoda Octavia.   We got it in Prague, 4 buildings away from the Central Square that’s more like a rectangle and it was the first time i’d driven wrong side and there were trams all over and nothing i understood.. was very deep..  But the car was a comfy, autobahn approved moving house which was fully equipped at Tesco (forget walmart) for less than 300, including a fridge.  Innsbruck, Aug 2012


Am Drem is the car of James Kelly, American Dream.  It cruises around California to the greatest hills in the world at a rate of casual.  Jeep Cherokee Sport, with what i think was the Golden Eagle model and it’s epic. Santa Barbara, Jan 2013.


N-tense d-centz van!  Mercedes Sprinter for 12 people and a bunch of kilometers across NZ’s north island.  It’s a bus, but as far as busses go it’s not too bad, the chairs are semi-captain and comfy for the most part, the number of crew was the best bit.   Although maybe the best bit was the creep potential of those decals with holes, so sly that people of 1 foot away could see zero of the interior. Muka, Feb 2013.


After europe i was down on wagons, the Skoda was sick, but this wagon (Nissan Wingroad) was the next level and is my current car of choice as we had 4 people and all of required posesions for 3 weeks of roadlife and it was still comfy, agile and highway ideal.  well i drove for the most part so i had ample room but the cosyness was nice, everything was stacked so high.  Even with such stacking it still managed to negotiate japanese switchbacks with maximum ideality.  Ben slept inside with zero qualm.   Mt Fuji, Mar 2013.


Another not so car oriented photo but we’ve all seen these big RVs, with rooftop luxury zone/tranq bubble.  Living in this thing was epic, a month was 100% casj but it got ridiculously filthy………  I went the exterior bed option with yates’ swag and that was a definite powerplay, apart from the plane ride home, so i left it in melbourne and paid for a courier.  This is Striker’s hair.  West End,  Apr 2013.


Another exterior bed situation except this time it was highway bitumen in a Utah desert.   Yates on the roof, guff and me on the gravel and kyle + steven + fingerbang melting inside.  I was stoked i slept at all and the bruises on my hips and ankles were a minor sleep taxt as that night there was immense thunder, hectic desert breezes (almost lost my sleeping bag to a ravine) and cars pulling over as there was a van parked nowhere with bodies on the ground. Camped next to this thing for 14 days and everyday was ideal. Landy’s american van, GMC something.. Quail Creek UT, July 2013.


the big van, i spent much time in this.  It’s huge and only 1/5 trips was it full.. Adam and i took it around BC with 2 seats of the 14 filled, and for a few days shawty collingwood.    It’s pretty good, seats aren’t as comfy as the Bear van but the stereo system is too novelty to pass up.  Columbia River Washington, Aug 2013.


the kneepoch

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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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