i’ve now consumed the chaos

could it be, it could… its really seemingly like it – the chaos, it’s subsiding, or at least it’s not chaos anymore but just an acceptable way of life.  i assume the latter because I’m stoked and busier than ever, busier on all fronts – except riding, my knees are still cooked.. Last year (before moving back to Aus more specifically) I would’ve been qualmed in the simple act of thinking about my knees and their cookedness, but ive began to think my hyper focus on endurance bikepacking was probably a coping mechanism at an appropriate level/rate given living at that point was a lot of enduring and the pain of riding 17hrs a day was bliss.  Don’t get me wrong, if I trusted my knees to not explode I’d turn off this computer and go ride forever right now, but alas.  Instead I’m doing everything else, especially swimming, even back and forth in a pool which i find shocking but that’s a huge part in me moving home: warm water and being in it at all times possible and be in it i’ve been, muchly.  I’ve been working a tonne but it doesn’t seem like it.  where did it all go right??

back in the yeocalypts, fk yeah, this one is  a Grey Gum im pretty sure – shot this with my phone lol..

I’m stoked, really that’s all I’m here to say and saying such a thing is why i say things on here, the epochal imprinting of emotion for future Jacob’s benefit in considering the forces that led me to where I will soon be.  however I’m in some weird and seemingly new space re photos, and i think its that this phone I’ve got has mostly replaced my camera, which is problematic only in that i hate looking at phones.  It seems the camera part of my photography love is mostly subsiding, after being a thing since forever – which is rad but no surprise given my passion for shooting on shitty normals, after almost a decade of strict use of ultra wide and teles with nothing in between..  even the medium no longer concerns me, this post alone contains images shot on film, my phone and my top of line big rig.

i think this is from the infamous Coquihalla highway, ice road truckers etc. quite representative. 35mm, some misc probs.

 As i write I’m realising i need to make use of the google drive sync and the $1000+ a year plan I’m paying those bastards for – its a google phone/data mongrel and it’s insane.  It also completely solved my huge-camera paradox whereby the object of my desire (big camera) is practically brutal..  the other thing it’s solved is my slavery to apple, because sitting next to me is a new windows computer – the first computer i’ve ever bought… which i find fkn insane but Landyachtz bought me a handful over the years and the rest where hand me downs from my brother.  For now its sitting there, which grinds me but I went overboard and need a new desk to fit the two screens so here i am on my 2015 laptop, melting in my mitts.  However I am using my new screen which has all the Ks so things are probs gonna start to look weird on small screens but this blog is an exercise in the self so get yourself a 4k monitor and join me in the visual splendour (or zoom out to 67%, its basically the same shit).

rainbows from the toilet louvres

anyway, it’s late, not really, but i get up at 5am these days so its late as soon as the sun goes down.

loulabelle on the very chair we shared many an hour drinking beer in pouring rain, talking about how lucky we were.


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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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