everything can be rad all of the time

Time has recently robbed me of my thoughts once again.  Not in any specific manner, I’m not qualmed by it or regretting the way its been spent, it’s just demanding attention and it’s sick.   Last year was a struggle against time being something that is more than clock-related and it qualmed me deep, it qualmed everything I did and thought and I was worrying because felt like I could be spending it poorly yet I lacked the motivation to do anything about it so i wallowed.  I was stabilised by the return of a friend at the very beginning of this year, I then went on a trip to america for the most part of Jan and now i feel like lamb again, i need a new shepherd..
 Time is casj/people die from fridges regularly and life is now nice because I’m happily oblivious to it’s tears once again and it’s this progression that’s currently bringing me back.  

There’s plenty of time for glory and little time for not glory and this notion has been motivating me lately.. obviously not in the sense of this blog as I managed to go an entire 3 week photo trip in which I made one misc post…   I felt like I’d lost my blog and it comes from this blog being the only representation of my photos and I’d come to this stupid conclusion that this was somehow important which directly affected my feels towards this blog.  But i forgot those tears,  It’s time to glory.  My website is being made [for max pro], i’m stoked, mostly i am excited and i get to go overseas again in a couple of weeks.

Everything is rad and i’d somehow forgotten that, just sometimes I need to remind myself to chase it when it runs to the hills.

Here are some phots that I uploaded to my flickr a while back, I intended to use them in posts that were time-relevant but we’ve discuss this so no need to dwell.

I recall that the town down there is Santa Barbara, we hung there for 2 days on the drive up to SanFran..  Mostly lurking but also shooting James on a few hills that were delicately mind-blowing.  I may have mentioned last post about this leg but it was a 4 day journey from skatehouse up to norcal (Petaluma) with 2 dgm brethren (OSL + thomas trnka) james kelly and his car; the American Dream.


atop ECC we shared some views and i lost my shit due to the ridiculous landscape, the hill below and the acceptance of dream-attainment…. this stoke didn’t wear off until what feels like perhaps not even yet….  It was cold up there, the puddles were straddled by ice and the wind was intense.. we bailed quickly in order to bask in bitumen’s body-warming properties + to play skateboards.

trnka + osl


mid-lurk, hanging out for tyler and a chap whose name i’ve now forget, got some more shots here, it was fun.  The tiny part of california that i saw confirms my ideals.


here’s my buddy bob k.  he’s 100% rad dude.  get to fury with him again in few weeks, NZ this time. yeeeow!


turns out NZ is in 6 days. yeeeow.  I feel in control and now im relaxed again, it’s nice.  bone deep depths.

this one is old, it’s from the keira/bathurst trip in april last year…  i post this as a reminder, i’m 95% done and i need to rid myself of them all, i might e-book that scenario but we’ll see.  i just want them gone.



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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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