cerebral preaching

There’s this legend (Kurt) on the Goldcoast and he stokes out hard… i’ve never seen a man froth like i’ve seen this man froth so it’s no wonder he runs a magazine, obviously because he had a huge need to exert his stoke somewhere, thankfully with a magazine many people get to benefit from it 😀
It’s a longboarding mag and I’ve helped/been helped out in regards to photos etc for a while now and im stoked to be a part of it..  im extra stoked that my first cover photo has recently appeared on the front of the aforementioned publication and i’m triply stoked that it’s a fot of chaddy!  
Things seem to be getting pretty ideal with the photoing of downhill skateboarding but making money is tricky, as with making money from anything fun, but i’m in no rush for the full-time skatephotoman as i know this sport will give back somewhat equal to what i’ve/i’ll put into it but right now it’s more in than out.. Obviously i cant be sure of equality in this sense but it feels nice to type it and one must have dreams in order to live the dream.  

here’s the photo, i’ve definitely taken better but im still stoked, looks nice in print too which is ideal.  This location is fittingly called paradise and it’s everything is extremely delectable although it’s guarded by a haunting figure named Crazy Eyes aka the road is private and home to roughly 6 houses but he’s the shitty resident that is not at all accepting of our needs.

two more sneaky ones from issue 9, the first is yatedawg from a little evening lurk session we had a little while back

adam yates 3 | jacob lamber

and this one is from a race in noosa just before i went over to usa.  I got so so so stoked from skateboarding and taking fots at the same time


here’s my buddy Sam, he’s been sampled on this blog many times before and usually smiling ridiculously like in this photo… he’s a happy dude, people can learn from such happiness and luckily for  me i’ve had 4 years to bask in his glory, it’s wonderful, he’s really stoked.


a rat thing


this is my favourite skaybod ever


chilli con carnage

Life in a post-covid world is poking the lamb from unforeseeable angles but for the most part definitely foreseen/able angles, making it a ride i’m

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Odyssey Ode

All journeys leave something behind, in favour of the hunt to attain some thing or feel and when the value of that thing is held

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Taiwan Tour Video