est-ce qu’il a un chapeau

after spending a week, arguably the most glorious week in the history of this here spontaneous lamb, I find myself once again at Changi waiting to transfer to Brisbane, this time with a lot let stress as I’ve got a boarding pass in hand, a rare feeling of plane-boarding related security..  I found out i can’t connect to the wireless without signing up or paying money so I’ve decided that a rant is in order, I have no goal in which i’m trying to write towards (a characteristic associated with 96-98% of my blog) and i find myself thinking of only Paris and Maeve.  

Paris is great, really really great to which I can attribute to, other than Maeve’s presence, the unwavering possibilities of baguettes that consistently blew my mind, the coffee which was obviously ideal and the metro coupled with the general sense of luxury that we maintained for the entire week…  Will would be proud of my efforts involving team luxury.   Coming from brisbane, a place pertaining to public transport systems reminiscent of the late bronze age I was, and am still, blown away by how enjoyable the metro was!  I suppose the density of the city is the only reason it can exist and work so well, unlike brisbane, which sits there, sprawled around like a passed out version of the 8 foot tall German lady that served me beer on the train from brussels to frankfurt airport (from whence i came….  aeronautically) 

The trains were fun too (except for Maxim, the worst train ticket salesman on this planet) I got to sample some TGV action but spent the whole time going backwards, which wasn’t bad at all, the best bit was the banking of the rails, it feels much like what I imagine Anikan’s pod-racer, from the worst movie ever made, would feel like.

I took my film camera and digital camera and my d90, plus my old lenses that only agree with the film camera plus a 10-20 sigma that I scored from BCH.  Fortunately I left my charger in Brisbane and took a 25% full battery so I resorted fully to my film camera which I found more than ideal, regardless of the results.  I shot a few images on the digital, mainly for personal keepsakes but also a time-lapse from the Arc and another, small, handful of photos, all of which are down below.  I shot some ultrawide stuff on the film body but because the f90 only couples with lenses that have an aperture ring, i’m not sure if it’ll work out.. Although I did the same (with a tokina crop frame) in south america and it worked swimmingly so it should be fine, either way the old 35 and 50 were the ones i used most and they’re dolphin-like when it comes to swimming.

I also found a dynastically (adjective thanks to a poster advertising a rare vase museum in this airport) well stocked film store from which i acquired bulk e6 and c41 films at stupidly low prices and high levels of associated stoke.  I’ve shot one roll of each (and an 800iso film, a speed i’ve always desired by never acquired) which i’ll hopefully have developed before i head down south upon getting back to Bris.  I’m especially excited for the ektachrome 100vs weeeee.

I went there to see Maeve and Maeve I saw, it was fantastic, she is fantastic, it was like having a guide that knew everywhere and everything I wanted to know and see but held (and kissed) my hand all the way, demanding to carry my things and striking adoration into frenchpeople’s hearts along her travels.  I already want to go back.

I arrive in Brisbane tomorrow morning at 6:45 in preparation for a grand longboard voyage of creation and skating.  There are two world title events down in Sydney over two weekends so i’m going down there to have a serious go at creating properly good skate imagery, both still and vid.  I want to go deep into shooting skate on film with the eventual goal of shooting medium format skate shots and letting the world into the realirt of this sport, both fast and free, in a visual sense that is always adored.  

Upon having, for the first time in my life, way too many film photos in my backlog i was forced to address my opinions towards film and the way that i value it.  Because it costs money to make into photos that I can show to you it’s always seemed more important than digital, it’s always had something more associated with it and i think now that i’m certain of this not because of the cash moneys but because of the enjoyment i get out of it.  Shooting my own fullframe camera that i own, using manual lenses on a viewfinder that’s big and bright, not knowing anything about what I just shot and receiving back results of whatever calibre mean I get deep in attachment, emotionally, not financially. Which is obviously an ideal scenario.  

I decided a little while ago, the last week of being in south america, that I need to use this to my advantage, with posting on this here blog still a favourite pastime of mine (ignore my inconsistency when considering this fact, it goes with everything else in my life) I need to begin valuing my work own work more than just the medium i made it with and the digital stuff, I don’t respect it as much as I should…. I  need a website etc.. i’ve ranted about this before.  But what I want to do is post more film, starting now obviously as suspense is something I need to get better at making.

these are a series of film shots I shot in Vietnam in November 2010, I don’t know why I still have these sitting around partly because of the age but i guess i feel that the longer i hold onto shots the less i think of them, under the assumption i’m progressing with time but a good image should disregard time i suppose.  all shot of efke 100 (and a nikon fm) which you can buy from B&H for $2!!!

apologies if i’ve uploaded these before and the poor focus etc..

ho chi minh city


this image breaks my hard, had it been sharp i would’ve been a very happy lamb


hoi an, a city of tailors and artists









not from vietnam but the same roll, one of the few decayed images that didn’t suck 


some colour stuff from the same trip



C005323-R1-17-22 copy


these are all from my first trip to Cunnumulla with Reuben and co for their shortfilm.  The winter in the outback gives the nicest lighting and makes shooting facades amazingly fun hahaha..  i want to go back out an work on that town some more, it’s really pretty!







Here are the digital ones from Paris, I’ve got a few rolls to get developed which I wont have a chance to do them for a while as the next 2 weeks i’m down


these are all from ontop of the arc de triumph






aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the thing i love most about general.


i don’t know how to fix this as i set the camera to 100% manual, no PC, no ADR and manual but it still flicks!  timelapses and i don’t get on.

and i finally got around to editing this after months and months of it sitting in finalcut, tearing me but now its fine and i think it’s really fun 

pretty much all we listened to in paris


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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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