Von Neumann’s Catastrophe of the Infinite Regress

I was in a bit of a moral predicament recently regarding the uploading of photos, of what standard to upload and how I’m going to go about keeping the photos I like the most aside, for future use and exclusivity purposes with the eventual aim of maybe somehow using them for more benefit than my blog.  I’ve got an idea that I’ll execute in a bit of time.  Time being the variable here as it directly relates to my money and my expenditure over the next months (and previous months) has been very high, so when i get these 10+ rolls developed I’ll get onto that.  But as I’ve always told myself, this is a journal and not a representation of my work so the standard that I want to achieve shouldn’t be restricting me from enjoying this blog for what it really is.

I’ve once again committed to putting my name on my photos and this time I will stick to my toy guns, mainly because I’ve lost the self-righteous attitude that ‘it wrecks the images’ (when really, you’re looking at them at 0.28 of the original quality on a screen that isn’t calibrated to mine, most likely. I’ve been being silly about this for far too long as the photos will never look on your screen like they do on mine, or for that matter how I want them to look, so defacing them with an opaque layer of my name is obviously completely fine.)  I designed a little logo yesterday which I ultimately decided sucked so I’ve gone back to the typist logo from my party photo days and it works.  When I get a website up and running I might just use the website, although my name has already been taken on the www.   

Today begins the last week of my South American voyage, I was supposed to be on a plane back home right now but I got teared by the Chilean Bus network’s misinformation and poor organisation meaning I was stuck in the desert for quite some time, resulting in me missing my flight.  It seemed ideal at first as the plan was to ride around on a mountain bike and take pictures of the some of the most amazing scenery I’ve witnessed to this day.  

I decided to budget my stay and to my dismay came to the conclusion that not only could I not afford to rent a bike, I could not afford to eat 3 meals a day, thus bringing me to my current location in Argentina where the food is cheaper (as is everything it seems) and there are produce markets without the intention of stifling money from travelling gringos such as myself. I fly out of SA on the 11th and I’m excited to do so, I know I’ll long for this place immediately on return to Australia but April is going to be a fantastic month and March is merely a prelude with the aim of saving myself bulk cash in order to glory myself in April.

These photos are from today’s bus out of the desert, plus two photos form within the desert.

I took a photo of myself as I’m now travelling solo yet documentation must go on


Valle de la Muerte (Valley of the Death) is very aptly named.




everything in this picture (apart from some more machinery) is what constituted of a town on a salt flat I went past today.



as Red from shawshank once said “let me tell you something my friend.  Hope is a dangerous thing, Hope can drive a man insane.”  I wish I had a board. 




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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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