today: a post that was on time two days ago


i had a pretty glorious day on monday! i think it’s because the weather was balls and i had a day of uni to contend with but i figure it was this formula that led to dismissal of the initial plan and led to the things that i did…. I hung out at Tom’s on tuesday night which inevitably led to a relatively late night, we made stuff and I sanded some nicely customised concavity in my Switch which helped develop notions of stoke and fulfilment… along with things like dubspress, donuts (caramel & chocolate) and some hills.

Unfortunately i didn’t sleep enough and ended up falling asleep in my car for a few hours in the carpark, therefore missing my morning lecture… I made up for it by getting housekeeping duties done by the bucket load which brought me great contentedness, even (maybe especially) because of the failed morning i’d had thus far… The real glory came from a sneaking suspicion that the sign denoting a road that led to a lookout would send me up a mountain, therefore a road of potential future shredding.. Said road turned out to be a pretty popular hill ror all the right reasons and the view at the top was bliss! I got up there and felt thoroughly comfortable and decided to kill an hour on the top of this sweet suburban mountain with some well timed uni work..

Whilst completing misc. uni work I set up a timelapse (under a jacket to minimise rain exposure which led to wind induced tripod wobbles, but a camera that still worked..) I’ve shot a few timelapses in the past that have never made it further than being moved from the card to the computer but this time i was particularly intrigued. Not because of the calibre of the timelapse, it’s pretty bad, but i’ve been seeing so many SICK videos of glorious landscapes and even more glorious interaction between said scapes and the weather. Anyway i’m pretty delirious and have been noticing problems in my writing such as the words brung and spelling mistakes in words like golrius but i will push through. I bumped the camera mid way through which was a bit of a cry but not a qualm as luckily the shot was quite shit and the lens was covered in crap so the loss was minimal to non-existent…

Ended up leaving the mountain and went to uni, general uni times followed by general chill times followed by more housekeeping errands from certain sides of the city to others. Took some shots along my travels and they can be seen below, along with the stop motion test. All of these shots are with lenses that predate my existence on this planet! apart from the last two, they’re on modern day canon stuff………










forget how bad this clip is, remember that i’ll look back on this tomorrow and think ‘this is a tear, I must make something worth watching’ and then hopefully make something worth watching… Not even the framing is acceptable! it’s flat but it looks crooked 🙁 let alone the dust, poor exposure and wind related tripod qualms!.. It’s true, loathing my stuff is beneficial.



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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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