this blog is dull and repetitive

It appears that as of late you, the reader/viewer (but really only you, the reader, as viewers would not be reading this nonsense), are having an effect on the way I deal in this blog and this is bad.  I must forget you all, but that’s not to say I don’t love you and all and would happily hi-5 you all until i’ve hi-5d all of you but I seem to be dealing too much in consistency which is drawing me away from what I consider glory.  From now on I want to put more time into entire albums, not just random clicking in my backlogs looking for shots but i’ll still be posting randoms..  ideally less but we’ll wait and see.

I shoot a lot in set (believe it or not hahah) albeit basically never a single subject or style but more of a loose doco style and I should be presenting them in such a way.  PLUS!!  this direction will allow me to have something substantial (hahaah) to talk about, a delightful change from me talking absolute nonsense about nothing using words that make sense to myself and most likely no one else…  I had a discussion with a friend (down below!) about my blog and the way I write etc..  she asked ‘do you get many comments?’ to which I replied basically none at all and she said ‘that’s probably because you don’t make any sense and I’ve a relatively good grasp of the way you speak’ and it made sense.  I write on here like I’m writing to myself but I never realised it, which is fine though… I enjoy writing like I’m preaching base and glory, divorcing from tears and tasting only smiles as I find fury intriguing.

My list of holidays to do has far too little strikeouts but that’s fine, it’s been the best holiday of my life 😀

these first 4 are from the snow, i’ll be working on these pictures later as i’ve got easter to do and then my first snow trip of this holiday…  





some random ones… i must make space on my laptop, I need to keep this thing organised!  i’ve only got a handful of gigs left 



This was supposed to go with the b+w photos of friends that I posted before I went away..  Needless to say I gave Tom a smashing new doo.


this song is so sick!!  but the filmclip is not the real one, the real one is one of the most moving filmclips i’ve watched and it “makes Trainspotting look like the lion king” and can only be viewed from this website.

pray for chaos

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just a random button

Last night I was bathing, my favourite pastime that typically demands a roof overhead, except for hot tub or spring bathing which ideally is exclusively

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Climate Exchange

The great climate exchange has me sitting here in Vancouver right now, huffing the 2nd worse air (AQI index) on the planet currently, wondering how

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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

Taiwan Tour Video