they don’t sleep anymore on the beach

it’s been quite some time since labour day and i’ve only just now come to finally get to the point of posting my photos form it- which seems to be the trend with my weekend away for waves adventures. This time it was to the central coast and a sand dune that lay between our clearing and a seemingly perfect swell

travel partner

Jono Walker


assistants for winning



Tiny Teddy’s


Trip Breakdown-

departed brisbane at 1m on sunday morning
got on freeway
turned left 615 km’s down the road
got lost
backtracked 10 kms
turned right
followed road for a further 15kms through some intense fog, unfortunately it was very dark and i was driving at a rate to catch the sunrise, which was not particularly fast.
we got on the dirt and weaved our way to the beach as the sun started coming up
soon after i lost my mind in the epicness of the surf, for 10 minutes, while making photos of the morning

here is the morning:-






we set up camp next to the big lizard and went for another wave after lunch
hindered by the density of the beach forestation between the blow and the dunes it took us a lot of cuts to realise the path was a mere 50 meters to the north

here are photos of the mid day haunts






after coming back from that midday session, i fell asleep faster than i would have had i been only moments before falling to sleep. it was a fantastic sleep too.
We woke up around 330 and scooted back north to the headland for a potential arvo session..
considering the waves we’d had so far, i did not expect this arvo surf to be my favourite of the trip

here are some photos before and after arvo bash








The next morning.

we woke at seven and lucked into another epic dose of bazricks and bowltons.
shakks were plentiful
packed up early and leaving with the idea of a late arvo brisbane arrival.

2nd morning photos




we packed up around 11 and then headed to the highway were we scored big time at an epic truck stop! burgers and chips and burgers and sauce and dubspress and smiles! the sandwich and tiny teddy diet had gotten to me worse than previously thought.

The drive home was great apart from the traffic, oh so much traffic.










this trip was pretty crazy!
i do apologize for my tardiness


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