¡mas adventura!

Bolivia is amazing and I need say no more but I’m definitely going to, although this spanish keyboard is minorly infuriating to say the least.  We finished shooting the music video two days ago (apart for some small cutaways) which was majorly relieving as It had been playing on my mind a bit for this trip as I felt the task of making a non skating video that has a budget quite daunting, pretty happy with how it went and I’m stoked on some of the shots I got and working with the Direction of Rueben is multi-ideal!!  To celebrate: Reuben, Will, Myself and two of the guys we’ve met here, Zoberto (one of the actors, speaks no english and pronounces all ‘r’s as ‘z’s) and Norvin and Bolivian/American/full time translator for us went deep into the wild to enjoy the best parts of this country.  It was a two hour walk and then even more to the cave that we’d inhabit for the night, we ascended a huge sandstone cliff, about 60 meters, that had a 30 meter spire that perfectly replicated a samurai.  We stayed up there for the sunset and then after the sun had gone down, without a moon and almost constant cloud cover, we all set off and descended down a crevass that took us from ontop of a huge sandstone landmass, down about 50 meters to the level of the floodways that tore this rediculously beautiful landscape apart.  At times it was a sideways situation as it got as thing as 30cms and the drops were pretty scary, luckily there wasnt much water but enough to drink/splash on my overwhelmed face, soothing my lips that were cracked beyond repair from a combination of the dry air and my uncontrolable smiling from what we we{re seeing.  Looking 40 meters up to a tiny sections of starlight cascading down the sandstone will be in my head until I die.  My bed wasn’t majorly comfy but the spaceship was the most ideal location I could’ve dreamt of.  Tomorrow we head north to La Paz which will effectively end this chapter as Reuben is heading back in a weeks time, Will and I are going to go through Peru and a bit more of Bolivia and Chile.. My flight is on the 14th from BA but I want to come back early so I can get over to Paris asap as, even in times of such glory (right now, not on this computer but this trip,) I’m struggling to bring myself all the way back.

Ive been shooting bulk film in Bolivia which goes for yesterdays ridiculous adventures but I took a few digital ones, the first is part of a timelapse and the others are from when i borrow Reubens 5D, the d90 was struggling without a decent moon so I’m greatful to have gotten anything, 200iso film was not going to do my any favours either…
(this is a novelty sized post, 24 photos I think, lots of unrelating stuff, as theres a good chance that my next post is once again a very long time away)
more team photos, minus myself..  35mm can’t remember which brand etc, developed in Sucre..  The developing is insanely cheap but pretty crap, going to cry that tear back in brisbane where the processing is great and the scans greater
Reuben trying to catch dinner
one of the few moments the moon came from behind the clouds and I squirmed at the beauty of where we were.
the spaceship, inexplicably perfect in every way.
the landmass that we went through
a view from my horse, just north of Tupiza
more horse mounted photos
my buddy!  except for when he galloped after wild horses and i found myself  wildly out of control, letting the horse dodge the fields of cactii…  Bolivian workplace health and safety is highly intriguing but equally ideal
some more photos from the trek
Surce, visit here!!  nada fiesta moi tranquillo
photos from the Soul Garden, end of November for my birthday.  Fuji Pro-s 160
hopefully some of you know who Anna is so this doesnt appear like just a technically terrible photograph..


this ones not from the soul garden but the same roll of film, i hate the exposure but i like these two characters.
my friend mitch is in the snow (Japan!) and ive been looking through some photos that i had from our most recent trip and found this, i uploaded a similar one ages ago but this one is so much better!!  craving the snow pretty badly
Dear Reality,
BMB don’t SMA.

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