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Last month was the least I’ve posted on this blog since I started taking pictures two and a bit years ago.  Last year was a fury, I posted almost every day (not because I was shooting more, but I was living the ultimate lifestyle for relaxing).   Living out of home at a glorious residence in New Farm, not going to uni, working a sweet job very casually, I’d just gotten into riding big skateboards and lucky enough to be surrounded by great friends… Comparatively chilled to last month, I was furying at uni, being overly social and skateboarding heaps but mainly shooting.  I was shooting in Cunnumulla for a week, Adelaide for almost a week and generally shooting lots of different things, mostly all good things.  But now that I’m in November I’m back to where i was last year, apart from living at home and with an extra year of life…  Although I’m sure I’ll remain busy, mainly with work as I need to save bulk amounts of cash but also because of backlogs of photos and videos and many ideas in mind for future creation.  

Pretty burnt out so ranting must be forgotten and replaced by photos that have as little meaning to each other (apart from serving as a to-do list) as the words in the paragraph above…. so to sum up a whole bunch of nothing into something: I’m back, well and truly, with very little sending.

Reuben and Joey driving to Cunnumulla for the scout, dos and hanley in the lead car..  The real shoot was fun, got an entire set of photos to look through as well as a BTS video, shit..


adelaide/falls/melbourne adventure from last holidays (and easter for that matter!), falls creek on cheap 35mm


Went to the Collingrove cup thats held in the Barossa Valley in SA over the weekend, had a ridiculous day..  Chilled out and created with an absolute legend of a video guy, I’ll post what he creates when it’s done.


Melbourne Cup was pretty intriguing and this dude was a nice fellow.


Millions photos, tearing me to tears, 35mm.


general skate


this performance is sick


the kneepoch

it’s been precisely 10,996 hours since I first/finally accepted that i’d fkd up my knees as a result of riding my mind, body and soul

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passion of the crisis

mullet, many i thought literally signing off from the chaos epoch was going to bring a resounding level of calm to my non-literal (what occurs

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phones as cameras

I’m here with a specific purpose in mind: to log the adjustment in my perceptions of using phones for taking photos – don’t get me

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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

Taiwan Tour Video