Looking back as means to finally move forward.

Before I truly bring this blog into the now I’ve got a few years of retrospection to catch up on, and although most of it is gonna be between me, this text editor and the draft function, it’s something I gotta do.  I’m not saying I’m gonna start filling in the gaps since I somehow decided that social media > then this, I’m saying that I need to reunite with this fraction of my digital self.  Mainly so that I don’t spend the next year talking in past-tense.  I am going to fill the gaps, but these are a lower priority and I can slip those posts back into their correct chronology, cuz fuck the algorithm, time is true, stick to it.  Part of me wants to rant about that too, but I took care of that back in 2014, it’s on here somewhere. 

I must admit, before moving to Canada this kinds of images were but a figment, now I see them regularly.  Except only in Winter and it rains pretty much every day so it’s not the fog that I’m hurting for but the sun.
In fact it rains an average of 193 days a year here… that’s been tough.

In the recent migration of this insanity I found myself reading a lot of my old posts, more of it then I’ve ever read in any close succession prior and I’ve been struck by a double dose of wig.  Firstly, how is it even possible to be as disorganized as I used to be with photos/everything, in that I was making posts with, for eg, 6 photos that were completely unrelated to the text or each other, and from years apart, let alone a dozen hard drives and computer iterations.  The lesson? Anything Is possible if you put your mind to it..

This is usually what it looks like on a good day in winter… not the glorious nature lazers of the previous image but ample glory nonetheless, especially with Mary Lou in frame.

How?, I’m not sure, why?, I assume cuz they were in situ, but that’s the intrigue – how’d they even end up there? Well, I just dumped shit on my desktop… Ive come a long way, per se, but right now I struggle to complete a single folder, let alone dabble across 17 and pick a few miscs to wrecklessly relate through even the faintest of tangibilities, typically nonsense.

Checking in on the great great great great great great great great great great great grandma of the woods. She’s doing okay and at ~600 years she’s got a few more greats to come.

Honestly I fkn love it,  albeit in detriment to progression and re-realisation.  I sit here now, much further along my somewhat idealized progression of photo making, somewhere that would’ve dosed my amateur self in total bliss.  Yet here I am, a contemporary Lamb, thinking the shit I was spewing 6 years ago is gold.  Crazy yes, completely expected less yes, a jab in the GSD gland, FK YEEEEAHH!

Arbutus Bark bleeding rain at QEP.

All of that immediately aforementioned was unexpected, mainly because I used to think my blog’s value was the photos, and that naivety was something I’d yet to learn.

This is Spring…. Seasons are really something, when I say seasons I mean more than just the blisteringly-hot-all-day-long season of Queensland.. Do miss it a bit but.

But why the desire to get shit done?  I am now totally aware that I thoroughly enjoy the restropsect of the story and reveling in writing’s ability to imprint emotion, so trying to repeat past styles instead of progressing aimlessly is going against what I really like – truth.

Secondly (finally), If I can continue meandering alongside my desire to ignore any kind of structure or direct influence, with a goal simply to deploy nonsense to the meta verse, then I win big and every crash of my impulsive digits is time well spent, or backspaced, but either way, it’s mine forever.

Spring again, perhaps even more obviously than the last.. Vancouver rips the Chezzy Blozzas haaaardd and for a few weeks/1 month it’s insane – kinda like the Jacaranda mayhem of back home but with added colour, and mayhem (it’s insane, i guess instagram is a whole other thing compared to when I left Aus almost 3 years ago)…  This is from shooting with George Bailey  and May Constabel for Landyachtz Bikes in Stanley Park, well we rode to the west coast of Bowen Island but that’s a different rant.

Here’s a track, it’s nice, and it’s been nice to break up the unending screaming that has been my taste as of late.. 


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