accept hypocrisy

so i’m back!  a common theme on this blog it seems, although it may be a typical case of stoke induced  idealism which is always photo related..  anyhow i’m stoked and i’m typing so it doesn’t matter what i write, another common theme.   Something that wasn’t common but now is can be seen in my post style and how i’m no longer posting casual, it’s a fury post or its a forget post and i think its ideal, well its ideal for me so it’s probably how i’m going to preach photos during the now and into the future.   My fingers aren’t agreeing with my stoke so the rant flow is minimal..
also ignore my grammar and spelling, i don’t plan on checking this as its all hahfkjhg anyway.

i figure i’ll just use photos as subject matter for my rant so there’s this one below, it’s of the moon..  i took it at 2pm with a fury lens!  900mm of fury… ample fury?


Last week I took a solo adventure up the coast on Sunday, it was a brief venturing but there was fruit there so i sampled..  i love clouds so much, if i lived in a world that no longer supplied my with such a constant visual wonder i’d surely forget/get horse blinkers so i wasn’t constantly reminded of how amazing it was and is now no longer


it was obviously a spectacular evening.




perhaps the source of my clouds rant, is obviously spectacular fulltime.


churrrr it’s levi, bringing thuggery through steeze to the city of shralp.. stoked to be skating with this guy, he rips at life and will be one of those 50 y/o frothers that never cease the shreds.


duke diggler, allllllllltime dude!  should’ve sampled more times while this chap graced our country.


La Paz, Bolivia… it’s a deeep place.  not in terms of elevation, it’s probably one of the shallowest.  12000 feet shallow :/  thankfully i caught a bus up to this place as right now i’d probably be decomposed, floating down the subpar sewerage system that riddled the city.  this was colourplus 200, the only colour film that the continent seemed to stock..


paris!  any park, it doesn’t really matter which on it is, not because its just a tree in this photo but because they’re all so EPIC!!!!!  judging from that grain, misc cheap 400iso film


anna demonstrating her excitement to be sampling the chateau 


L Diddy Mathmath


mathman on the job


in intriguing news i’m going back into nightlife photodoing to help out my pal reuben while he’s  busy in greece being gloried.  as you can see from him in this photo below, the job isn’t that bad.. assuming i’m in party mode! thankfully its only a few weekends but i probably be going out outed for a looong time..



johnny and skye’s wedding


you can’t see it in this photo but he’s got a eyepatch and cutlass, don’t know where he parked his tallship though..


my man crush.  he’s rad.




i shot this a year ago yesterday, it was the day i first met Chad.  Definitely a life powerplay.





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the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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