Ceaușescu’s Folly, one of the MAIN targets we had during our west-east European mountain pass odyssey. 

Dubbed the best driving road in Romania, Europe and the World, by many.  We were not to sample it’s structure as, unlike cars, skating cliff-sided mountain passes in the pouring rain is not ideal, which was what we were welcomed with.

In hindsight we should’ve give ourselves a great window of time to ensure we got some dry weather, not the 4 hours we’d planned. 

But it worked out for the best as it gave us more time at the Transalpina, a road that in my opinion, and the crew’s, is unrivalled by the Transfăgărășan.  Being a tourist attraction, Transfăgărășan was packed with slow-moving road sharks who’s attention was fixed on the surrounding mountains, a stark comparison to the closed-road status of Transalpina and the trickle of cars  we saw over the 4 days we were there.

Billy Bones about to make the most of it.

Sergiu shelters Guff from the rain. What a time, I almost lost my voice praising Chee Hoo too hard.