Ceaușescu’s Folly, one of the MAIN targets we had during our west-east European mountain pass odyssey. 

Dubbed the best driving road in Romania, Europe and the World, by many.  We were not to sample it’s structure as, unlike cars, skating cliff-sided mountain passes in the pouring rain is not ideal, which was what we were welcomed with.

In hindsight we should’ve give ourselves a great window of time to ensure we got some dry weather, not the 4 hours we’d planned. 

But it worked out for the best as it gave us more time at the Transalpina, a road that in my opinion, and the crew’s, is unrivalled by the Transfăgărășan.  Being a tourist attraction, Transfăgărășan was packed with slow-moving road sharks who’s attention was fixed on the surrounding mountains, a stark comparison to the closed-road status of Transalpina and the trickle of cars  we saw over the 4 days we were there.

Billy Bones about to make the most of it.

Sergiu shelters Guff from the rain. What a time, I almost lost my voice praising Chee Hoo too hard.

the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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