Introspection log ranging back to 2010.  Mostly brainfarts with some adventure recounts here and there. Migrating these over from blogspot was a chore and I’m still working through some embed issues as well as cover images but hey I’m in no rush. This log is somewhat redacted, full wig is accessible through my blogspot.

freak train

i really want to rant but it’s far far too late as i’ve got to be dropping off stuff to the goldcoast by 10 and

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argh flickr why!!!!

damn you trying to be all trendy and shit as once again- trendy negates any functionality it once had. The least they could have done

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the style that year

it looks as if at least 1/2 of the shots from the mayday weekend were from the driver/passenger seat of the car! I’ll probably load

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Taiwan Tour Video