Introspection log ranging back to 2010.  Mostly brainfarts with some adventure recounts here and there. Migrating these over from blogspot was a chore and I’m still working through some embed issues as well as cover images but hey I’m in no rush. This log is somewhat redacted, full wig is accessible through my blogspot.

up in qualms

once again i realise that i need more spare time, simple! it’s not that i don’t love shooting stuff for people, getting my name out

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the weekends affairs

on the weekend young charlie and i made our way down to the lismore for some fun times filled with smiles and other glorious actions.

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went past the border on the weekend. very busy but photos soon.. travel partner: Charlie ___

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i’m heading down south this weekend with corporal shires for some n.s.w fun times! I’ll also be scoring a mat session at lennox with mark

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old mate house

Found this place a while ago while foraging for hobos. This will be a 2 part affair as this time i did not have the

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Taiwan Tour Video