Introspection log ranging back to 2010.  Mostly brainfarts with some adventure recounts here and there. Migrating these over from blogspot was a chore and I’m still working through some embed issues as well as cover images but hey I’m in no rush. This log is somewhat redacted, full wig is accessible through my blogspot.

Such a Crime

˚ My good pal Reben Ross’ filmclip for the Belligerents and their track ‘such a crime’ got released today through a few outlets, most excitingly

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• i just moved back home with my parents and so far it has been glory.. benefits include a ready supply of sunnyboys, a new

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monkypig derby

ª these fellows that longboard decided to put on a sweet race/casual day of goodtimes. i was planning to make a vid of some sort,

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Taiwan Tour Video