Introspection log ranging back to 2010.  Mostly brainfarts with some adventure recounts here and there. Migrating these over from blogspot was a chore and I’m still working through some embed issues as well as cover images but hey I’m in no rush. This log is somewhat redacted, full wig is accessible through my blogspot.

made a vid yo

all of the stills of skateboarding have come from the morning that this video was shot, got to use 3 cameras at once 😀  but

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Ahhh it’s a fury!  I suddenly realised I haven’t posted anything on here for a while (which is fine) but then it struck me that

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forget this post

i wrote a lame rant, put in some photos a song and posted it.  I looked at what I’d done and it sucked.  Posting for

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midnight toast

having a constant supply of fantastic bread has been the biggest advantage associated with moving back home.   toast at all times ∴ glory at all times  ahhhhhh,

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doyawanna sparkle

my good pal Reuben directed a filmclip for G.C. band, Tijuana Cartel, a while back (4 weeks maybe) and I popped along for a bit to

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hahaha i’m back!

what a glorious time i’ve been having!  The snow was superb and the associated times were even superber but I’ve arrived home carrying an emotional

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that stupid sound!

i wish i could document how furious i am right now, it would look like a single ant on the task of providing appetisers to

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im currently writing this post hoping that my computer will read the camera that is plugged into it but it seems to be quite absent

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Taiwan Tour Video