Introspection log ranging back to 2010.  Mostly brainfarts with some adventure recounts here and there. Migrating these over from blogspot was a chore and I’m still working through some embed issues as well as cover images but hey I’m in no rush. This log is somewhat redacted, full wig is accessible through my blogspot.

its a forgetoff

my day started with so many qualms!!  It first started when I was cooking my toast.  I was on the third rotation, to increase crunch

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it’s time to wig

this will be great week and i’m going to straddie all weekend for some long awaited rechills with some friends that i miss dearly.  I

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ahhh the glory

preach base base based preach babe based intrigue preach taste glory, everything is fantastic.  Everything. portraits of peeps below all of which I think are

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Taiwan Tour Video