Tepe Prints

Okay I took a bunch of shortcuts here so please excuse this shitty experience – I’m in the middle of moving into a new place and don’t have the time to spin up ~500 products right now. In saying that I’m happy to get prints sorted out so below are the steps if you’d like to get something printed.  All prices include shipping if you’re in North America, Europe, Australia, NZ and most of Asia – outside of that might require additional charges.


  • Find the image you want to print from the Tepe galleries (here).
  • Download the image
  • Come to this page
  • Select your print Mounting, Size and Quantity
    • If you wish to print multiple images of the same size and mounting, increase the number next to the add-to-cart button below.
    • If you wish to print multiples but in different sizes or mounting, you’ll need to add them to cart individually.
  • Find the image name – this can be found at the beginning of the image file you just downloaded and will be something like _AD_1234…
  • Once you’re in the checkout please add the image name (_AD_xxxx) in the order notes so I know which one(s) you’re after – or just email me at jacoblambertphoto(at)gmail.com once you’ve ordered and we can figure it out directly.
  • Or just hit the buttons below and I’ll email you to figure it out.



Mounting & Printing


I’m offering mounted or unmounted matte photo paper prints as well as canvas.  If you want to frame/mount it go unmounted (or if you just wanna slap print on the wall), if you want something display-ready I’d suggest mounted – these prints are mounted on foam core and look way better than an bare un-mounted prints cuz unmounted prints don’t sit flat against your wall.  Canvas is on offer if you’re that way inclined, usual story there.  If you wanna do some fancy get me on the contact form because that stuff is spendy and for best results requires I have some insight into the mounting and space/light etc.

NOTE: Actual print size may differ depending on the image's crop - I usually aim to use as much available print space as possible unless the photo doesn't let me.


All orders are shipped for free.  Shipping takes between 1-3 weeks, depending on size and mounting option.  Special requests may take longer.  Leave me a note at the checkout if you need expedited or forwarded shipping.

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