Returns / Warranty

In the rare case of damage in transit, or the even rarer case of printing error please contact me immediately and we can figure out a replacement!


I’m stoked to offer free global shipping on all prints and so far I’ve not had an issue, but I’m yet to sell a print in Antarctica so we shall see.  Calendars and other products are subject to discount shipping rates and I offer both standard and express shipping, typically fulfilled by DHL.

If you require special shipping, like forwarding please leave a note in the cart.

Free Shipped orders typically arrive in 3-10 days so if you require your order sooner please contact me and we can find the best express rate.


Privacy is a big deal and something I don’t take lightly but I’d be lying if I suggested there were no systems in place on this website that track certain aspects of my visitors.  The irony is that these systems are to improve security and help protect your identity through hashing/tokenization. Furthermore these tools are used to verify you’re a real person, identify robotised behaviours and create secure point-to-point transaction connections.  In addition to OpenVPN’s point-to-point tunnelling this site creates another security layer through SSL encryption.

Supporting Tools

  • OpenVPN – OpenVPN is a virtual private network system that hashes all data secure point-to-point/site-to-site connections.
  • Cloudflare – all connections go via Cloudflare. This stops bots, ddos attacks and the content-delivery-network ensures that you’re connecting to the closest server, meaning you’re not sending your information to the other side of the world, and maybe via space.
  • PayPal – all payments are processed by PayPal on PayPal’s fully PCI-compliant server.  No card information is held on my website, only the information required to ship your order (name, address etc).


Personal Information
Personal information is retained only in the event of the following conditions: an order has been placed or a contact form has been submitted.  In the case of orders, my website retains only the information necessary to fulfil your order, no card information is stored.  In the case of contact forms, your name, enquiry and email are stored on the exceptionally secure AWS network.

Credit Card Information
No credit card information is stored on this site or it’s server, all card info is hashed and tokenized by PayPal.

Cookies are a dirty word these days but they’re not the problem, it’s the companies that build them!  This website uses cookies for security, bot detection and to make the site run as fast as possible in your environment.  In addition, I use Google’s analytics.js for visitor metrics (just numbers, no info) and the Facebook Pixel for link-shim and social user analytics. Facebook has had a tonne of bad press, none of which has to do with Pixel. If you’re actually concerned about Facebook tracking you should delete your Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp accounts before being concerned with the pixel.

Data Retention
The only data being retained is in order to process your order and is automatically redacted 1 month after purchase.  Analytics tools don’t retain data in this sense, they just count users and don’t store  personal information in a manner that can be mined or learned from.

If you want to put out of Google Analytics tracking across the web, not just my site, go here.  But let it be known that this doesn’t mean you’re no longer being spied on by tech organisations and government, that is certainly happening with or without a browser extension.


I’ve removed all account functionality from this site as account access to websites such as mine subjects the site to your digital hygiene, therefore potentially harming not only me and my business but all of my visitors. You will never receive any information from me or this site directly, unless you’ve made a purchase or submitted a contact form enquiry.  I do keep a record of orders in my CRM so if you need a receipt or to access your order history I can do this on a case by case basis. 

the espresso paradox considers the point where the espresso’s speed benefits result in a longer completion time than if one had not spent time acquiring and consuming the espresso in the first place.  this point is mostly controlled by one’s desire to consume the espresso, not the resulting time gains.  

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