I’ve started a new journey with this website.  Since I first started shooting I’ve yearned to draw some kind of contentedness from displaying photos and it seems no number of attempts will reconcile, a crisis shared by many I’m sure.  Especially in the age of photos being most often consumed on a phone, probably the worst viewing medium photography has ever been subject to.

This iteration is to move away from having an end, or considering the eventual site-death. The short-list of images you may soon see are my guides to an infinite delve into past and future experiences shared with my camera & friends.  I now wield the tools to build and expand a site how I want it, which is a burden to choice, but I’m starting to think the aforementioned crisis was simply me not realising it was the tools of showcase that I was looking for, not the act of display.

It may be futile, only the next iteration will know.


Taiwan Tour Video